With yoga, salt caves, and float tanks getting more popular, you could say we live in a stress induced culture.  We are always being told to lower the stress level in our lives so that we don’t make ourselves sick.  We have our pets in part because they lower our stress level.  But have you […]

The more you know about this potentially fatal disease, the better prepared you’ll be to protect your feline friend from infection.  Read on for answers to your common questions. 1.  Do cats really get heartworms? Heartworms aren’t just a dog problem.  If you live in an area where heartworm infection is prevalent in dogs, such […]

Even though there is a nice layer of snow on the ground, it’s not too early to start planning for spring.  The bugs are coming…and some may have never left!  People don’t generally think of fleas and mosquitoes in the winter but ticks never left.  They are hiding under leaves and any warm spots they […]

I see this all the time. Many times an owner will come in to see me because they are considering giving the cat up. When I ask how long this has been going on for, they sometimes will tell me that it has been going on for years. Something this is the main thing they […]

This list comes straight from the veterinarians and toxicology experts at the Pet Poison Hotline.  These presented the most calls to the hotline in 2013: 1) Lilies: Plants in the Lilium species, such as Easter, tiger, and Asiatic lilies, cause kidney failure in cats. All cat owners need to be made aware of these highly […]

Ten signs that your pet is in good medical hands: 1)    You feel a warm welcome by your veterinarian’s support staff. 2)    Your vet greets your cat or dog by name. 3)    Your vet does a complete physical exam.  Sounds funny but I have seen and heard instances where the vet doesn’t look in the […]

Most people consider only the benefit of companionship when acquiring a cat, but did you know there are actual medical benefits? For instance, you are less likely to die of heart disease. The University of Minnesota conducted a 10 year study of over 4000 Americans and found that people that did not own cats were […]